Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

If you are an Anthem health insurance company customer, be aware that Anthem’s database of customer records was breached. 80 million customers may have had their name, birthdate, social security number, address, e-mail address, employment information, and even wage amounts stolen. This is the largest health care data breach in US history.

Preliminary reports indicate that no bank account or credit card information has been compromised. Anthem will be notifying all compromised insureds by regular mail. 

Even if you are not an Anthem customer, please review the preventative suggestions below as these suggestions are good reminders for everyone in mitigating identity theft risk.

What should you do?

1) Check the Anthem website for current announcements: 

2) If you do not review all three credit reports on an annual basis for everyone in your family (including children), this event should be your wake up call. Free credit report applications are available at:

3) Anthem has announced that affected customers will be eligible for free credit monitoring. Take it. It is important to know the duration of their free offer though. Once the term of the free offer has expired, the responsibility to monitor your credit will be at your cost. You should strongly consider credit monitoring.

4) You may wish to freeze the credit for any children that were covered by your Anthem plan. In order to do this you must contact each of the three credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Minors are prime targets for identity theft because they never check their credit.

5) Do not respond to any emails, texts, or phone calls alleging to be from Anthem. Anthem will be contacting you by regular mail. Be extremely wary of responding to anyone inquiring by email or phone and asking for any type of bank or credit card info. Call an Anthem number you know in order to verify. DO NOT return a call to a number they provide.



Someone's identity is stolen every 3 seconds...29,000 each day.  Don’t Be a Victim!


If you need assistance with minimizing your risk of identity theft, navigating through your credit report, or if you discover that you are an identity theft victim, please call me at 440-725-0384,  As always, I am here to assist you with any forensic, divorce, economic damage, income tax or financial statement matter you may have.


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